Smart Television Sets

Smart TVs are super gadgets that have potentially replaced conventional TVs over the last few years. A smart TV comes fully equipped with a plethora of features that a traditional television set cannot offer. These TVs are integrated with various features that were traditionally found on computers and smartphones. These features give these devices capabilities to access the internet, which is the foundation to other great possibilities like online movies and music streaming, social networking through apps and access to live news.

The smart TVs also feature apps for sports, weather, games and more. An integrated hard drive offers ample storage for storing your desired files. To be precise, smart TVs or connected TV/hybrid TV as the tech-savvy people tend to call them, have become the ultimate home entertainment center.

Internet Protocol Television

smart tvAlso known as iPTV, this feature which is typical of a smart TV allows the users to stream video content directly from the internet using a television set. These videos can be anything from simple video clips all the way to continuous channels. This means that you can effortlessly access the same content that you can access through your personal computer on a larger display screen from the comfort of your couch.

A few years back, the idea of accessing the internet directly from a television set was entirely new, but recent technological advancements in the television industry have made the idea simpler and more practical and simple than anticipated. And the good thing is you don’t necessarily need to purchase a new TV set to enjoy the technology. Though buying a smart TV set that has inbuilt features is the best way to go, you can still access these features by connecting to external gadgets like set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, game console, etc.

Why Do You Need a Smart TV?

The fact that the devices allow you to download and store videos and music straight from the internet and also access stored files easily from TV eliminates the need for the now out-of-date DVDs and CDs. There are infinite video streaming sites available today that offer great quality video clips, full-length movies, complete episodes of television shows, and most importantly, live continuous feed. For instance, Netflix subscribers can conveniently access different content on their smart TVs. This is a great plus since it has eliminated the inconvenience of having to crowd around a computer screen which offers a limited field of view.

Now everyone can comfortably sit on the couch and enjoy their favorite online movie. Other sites that offer great video content for smart TVs include the likes of Hula, Apple TV, Boxee, and Roku.

For internet gaming fanatics, smart TVs are more than good news. These devices offer the ultimate gaming experience on a wide screen HDTV and you couldn’t possibly ask for more considering the previous options. The experience will be more comfortable and visually pleasing.

How Do Smart TVs Work?

For internet connection, some smart TVs use wireless connections while others have an Ethernet port for connection. Setting up a smart TV is quite simple and the operating system is similar to that of a regular computer but specifically designed for use in a TV. This means that you can download and purchase apps and install them to your liking.

Some TV sets can be controlled using either an Apple or Android smartphone, while others are operated wirelessly using remote controls. It is expected that the TV industry will continue revolutionizing these devices to offer an even more interactive experience.