What to Look for in a Smartphone

If you like to be up-to-date on the latest tech trends, you will likely consider acquiring a smartphone. Known as the most common mobile devices, smartphones hold the ultimate power in portability and convenience. Because the market has been flooded with different companies promoting their own tablets, it can be hard to choose which one is best. You need to know what makes the best smartphone before setting out to buy your dream device.

Below are some of the features to look for:


You would want any smartphone you choose to be lightweight and easy to carry around. This is especially true if you plan on holding it for extended periods of time (say to read a book or watch a movie). A discrepancy of even a few ounces can make a big difference in whether or not your hand and wrist get tired.

Display Screen

mobileThe screen size in most smartphones ranges from 6 to 12 inches. The difference in size is significant depending on what you want to do with your smartphone. If you envision yourself frequently watching movies, reading magazines, or viewing pdf documents, you may want a larger screen. But if you are simply listening to music, playing games or checking email, a smaller screen should suffice and has the added bonus of easier portability.

The size of the screen is not the only thing that matters. Test out a potential smartphone to see how responsive the touchscreen is and to take a look at the glass after you have had your fingers all over it. Some screens smudge very easily, which could be a problem especially if you plan on being in a room with bright lights or in the outdoors. Smudges can obscure the screen and cause a glare, which makes it almost impossible to use the smartphone.

Internet Connectivity

Each smartphone connects to the internet in a different manner, so you want to be sure to understand connectivity before you buy. For instance, many smartphones use Wi-Fi, which means you have to be within the range of at least one wireless network in order to connect. Others use 3G, 4G, and 5G or have more than one of these connections, which is similar to how a cellphone connects and gives a greater range of connection. Some of these connection types will require a contract or incur data charges, so it is crucial that you check this out before making a purchase.


storageEach smartphone will have different storage capabilities, which will limit how many books, music, movies, and media you can store. Some smartphones offer additional cloud storage after the device has reached capacity. Others contain an SD or micro SD slot which makes it easy for you to upgrade your storage capacity if you find you have run out of memory storage.

The best way to determine which smartphone is best suited for you is to try it out in person. Many electronics stores will carry multiple brands in stock and they will allow you to play with the tablet in store so as to get a feel for how it will work. You do not have to purchase at the time of trial. Testing out the device is advisable so you can determine which features matter to you depending on your budget.…